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About the Church

The Catholic Orthodox Apostolic Church is an independent self-governing association of bishops, clergy, monastics and laity who have preserved the grace of apostolic succession and based their canonical existence on the foundations of the Council of the Orthodox Russian Church 1917- 1918, the Decree of His Holiness Patriarch Tikhon of the decrees of the Local No. 362 of November 7/20, 1920 Apostolic, 89, 90 and 60 of the Orthodox Church, as well as on the ancient (pre-imperial) tradition of church administration based on the principle of autocephaly of each bishop.


The Catholic Orthodox Apostolic Church confesses the Apostolic and Niceo-Constantinople Symbols of Faith and the Orthodox Apostolic doctrine, based on Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition (the teachings of the Holy Apostles, Holy Fathers, Holy Ecumenical Councils), and also relies on the ideological and canonical Orthodox heritage of the Apostolic Church a late branch of the Orthodox Catacomb Church of Russia, registered in Moscow in 2000. Its founders are representatives of the catacomb clergy, Archbishop Stephen (Linitsky), Bishop Kyriak (Temertsidi) and priest Gleb Yakunin.

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